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Having your baby in the hospital?
Get the postpartum care you need and deserve!

Comprehensive medical and holistic care for the postpartum period - in the comfort of your home!

I offer you choices for the care you receive postpartum after having your baby in the hospital. Drawing on my 25+ years of experience as a Licensed Midwife, I offer unique postpartum care packages, tailored to best support you and your family.

With my expertise you can go home and get in bed with your baby. I will take care of your postpartum physical needs, provide well-baby care for your newborn, give you skilled breastfeeding support and advice, and answer all your questions. You can relax in the comfort of your own home, eat the foods you choose, sleep when you like, and decide who visits you and when. With my postpartum care, you won’t have to take your baby out of the house to the pediatrician’s office in those first vulnerable days or weeks. You will be able to do the most important thing you can do for yourself in those critical first weeks: stay in bed and rest, eat healthy food, and feed and bond with your baby.


  • You will receive 6 home visits. Each visit will be 1½ - 2 hours long.
  • I will also be available by phone, text and e-mail for questions that arise outside of our visits.
  • The first 3 visits will take place within 7 days after the birth.
  • The next 3 visits will take place between 2 and 6 weeks postpartum - depending on your recovery needs.


For Mom:

  • Getting settled in at home
  • Vital signs,(BP, pulse, temp)
  • Fundal check (make sure your uterus is going back down to normal size appropriately)
  • Perineal care (including checking sutures for infection)
  • Diet support (including medications and supplements)
  • Discuss elimination (constipation, burning or pain with urination)
  • Breastfeeding support (suggestions for sore nipples or clogged ducts, and preventing infection)
  • Check on your lochia (bleeding)
  • Blood work (hematocrit and hemoglobin) to check for anemia if you hemorrhaged
  • Help with emotional recovery from birth including processing the birth. ...and of course, answering all your questions!

For Baby:

  • Tracking weight gain
  • Help with breastfeeding/nursing, including latch and frenulum check
  • Vital signs (heart and lungs, respirations, and temperature)
  • Checking overall general health
  • Umbilical cord care
  • Checking fontanelles for signs of dehydration
  • Discuss baby’s sleeping patterns
  • Discuss elimination (normal pee and poop)
  • Checking skin (rashes, signs of jaundice)
  • Teaching soothing techniques
  • Support with colicky or fussy baby
  • Newborn screen (heel prick) if you choose not to do it in the hospital
  • Rainbow ink souvenir footprints!

The first 3 visits will take place within 7 days after the birth.
The next 3 visits will take place between 2 and 6 weeks postpartum - depending on your recovery needs.

My training and 25+ years of experience as a Licensed Midwife gives me substantial expertise in assessing and supporting normal maternal and newborn health. If I observe anything outside of the normal postpartum scope of practice, I will recommend an appropriate follow up visit with your baby’s pediatrician or your own care provider.

I bill insurance!
PPO policies cover postpartum in-home midwifery care.

Contact me for more information:

510 459-8708