Home Birth

The safety of home birth comes in part from the strong relationship between midwife and client, based in trust, respect and open communication. As your midwives, we provide care founded on clinical skill and knowledge of current research and best practices. Abundant research shows that for low-risk pregnancies, birthing at home with midwives is a safe option.

We deeply respect the autonomy of each birthing person and value their right to make choices regarding all aspects of their life. We also value the oneness of clients and their unborn children and the ability of clients to nurture their pregnancies and make choices for themselves and their babies. We strive to offer care rooted in shared decision making, informed choice, and empowerment of the birthing family. (See more from MANA and NACPM)

Most people in labor enjoy getting in the birth tub at some point, whether they end up choosing to birth on land or in water. We lend a birth tub to all clients desiring the option for a water birth.