Ellen Levitt, LM


Ellen Levitt, Licensed Midwife (CA License #7), has a strong passion for women’s health and over 30 years of experience providing loving prenatal, birth and postpartum midwifery care. Since 1987, Ellen has attended more than 1,300 births. 

Ellen values informed choice when supporting families in making decisions regarding their care.  She believes that healthcare is a human right and she serves ALL families. 

Ellen trained as a midwife through a homebirth apprenticeship in California and clinical training in a hospital in Kingston, Jamaica and birth centers in Austin, Texas and Hollywood, Florida. Prior to that she worked as an EMT in San Francisco. Teaching and training apprentices, has been an essential part of her practice with the wonderful result of passing on the midwifery model of care. Her experience, enthusiasm and dedication have led her to become an integral part of the midwifery community.


 Ellen has served as the regional representative on the board of the California Association of Midwives and on the California Licensing Committee. Ellen co-founded the  Bay Area Homebirth Collective which grew out of her dedication and love for maintaining a vibrant homebirth community. Ellen’s commitment to midwifey is reflected in the respect and affection of her client families.

When not caring for her clients, Ellen enjoys partner dancing, juggling, and spending time with her family.