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Ellen and her team are wonderful! Ellen was our midwife for the birth of our daughter and she was amazing.  She spends lots of time with the parents to be before the birth during pre-natal appointments - which, by the way,  are in your home.  I cannot overemphasize how wonderful it is to have appointments in your home, where you are at ease and where you have all the time to ask every question and really get to know Ellen and she really gets to know you.
She is warm, funny, calm, loving, super-experienced and yet totally approachable.  Full of integrity and loves loves birth and babies.  She is gentle. She makes suggestions but does not force anything.  
I was totally confident that we made the right choice based  on our experience with her. The birth itself was amazing.  Not for one second did I feel nervous or question my decision to have the birth at home with Ellen and her team while I was in labor.  I believe that is because of how much I trusted her and knew her by the time that happened.   
Also, she does follow up visits with you and baby after the birth - also in your home.  Also, calm, wonderful, amazing.

Sandra , first time mom

We asked Ellen to be our midwife for our second baby. She was a great caregiver and our birth was just beautiful. (however painful :-) If you are considering a homebirth, you must interview her!
One of the huge plus is that she comes to you for the prenatal and post natal appointments. I did not know that some midwife provide this service for my first baby and it is so great that Ellen comes and gets to know you in your environment as you will be giving birth there!

Connie, mother of 2


Yesterday my son Wren and I had our final postpartum visit with Renee and Ellen, and I am sadly confident I will never have health care providers this loving, thoughtful, and generous again in my life. I loved Ellen Levitt for my epic, 60-hour, transferred-to-hospital birth with Zinnia (and credit her with my feeling empowered to fight and avoid an unnecessary c-section there), and I really got to enjoy Ellen and Renee's care for my home birth with Wren. The prenatal and post-partum care is phenomenal and both birth experiences were empowering and beautiful. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can't imagine better care.

-Emily, teacher

Throughout my pregnancy, birth and postpartum I felt cared for, supported, and listened too. Ellen and Renee offer well informed, responsive, loving care. They answered all of my many questions, and provided us with information to help us make all the decisions surrounding birth in a supportive, judgment free environment. I highly recommend having this strong partnership on your pregnancy team.

-Ali, first time mom

Our experience with the June Moon and Wombservice team was wonderful.  If you are looking for warm-yet-competent care for your home birth, look no further. Covering all the medical details with professionalism, while offering a gentle and relaxing environment for both mom and baby... the perfect combo in our book!

-Malia, dance teacher

I gave birth to my 4th baby at my home with the help of Renee and Ellen. Both of them are excellent midwives! Their knowledge of the body and birthing process is incredible and their emotional connection was wonderful. I felt heard at every appointment, no matter what questions I had or feelings I wanted to discuss. They allowed me to make all of my own choices without ever pressuring me. During the labor we discovered that my baby must have been posterior and they consulted with each other outside before suggesting things to help baby turn. I chose to follow their advice and my baby turned almost immediately. It was amazing and I'm so grateful for their knowledge, advice and calming presence.

-Marisa, mother of 4